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Jellyfin and metadata privacy

The Jellyfin media server can enrich your media collection with metadata from online sources. The price may be free, but the cost is metadata for metadata.

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A stick-figure with a smartphone for its body strolling down a street. A geolocation icon is shown on its screen, and signals are emitting towards it from the surrounding buildings.

Help Mozilla build out its Location Service by taking a walk

Update (): The Mozilla Strumbler app has been discontinued. The app is no longer available for download. The Mozilla Location Service isn’t being discontinued, but its accuracy will probably decrease over time without new data submissions from the community.

ProtonMail vs comparison

Update (): has introduced new higher price tiers. You get more storage, though. The article has been updated to reflect the new pricing and service offering.

The logo with a blurred photo of the Berliner Fernsehturm in the background.

Review of Email privacy with a thick German accent

Update (): has introduced new price tiers starting at 3 Euro/month for the same service level, but you get 10 GB of email storage and 5 GB cloud storage. A 1 Euro-plan is still available, but it no longer includes any cloud storage and no support for using your own email domain.