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Does the web still need HTTP Deflate?

The compression format war of the last decade was won by Gzip. Why do web browsers still support the legacy HTTP Deflate (Zlib) format? It’s time to deprecate it.

A deeper dive into Chrome WebFeed

Google hasn’t turned Chrome into a feed reader, but it does use Atom and RSS feeds to let visitors follow any website. Here are more details on how it works.

Updated blog entries

A layered stack of cards showing the three components of the Creative Commons license: The legal code, and the human-readable and the machine-readable versions.

Ctrl blog is now licensed under Creative Commons licenses

Update (): The license has been removed from old articles and new articles no longer carry Creative Commons licenses. Photos and images will remain under Creative Commons licenses. Check the bottom of each article page for information about licensing images on that page. Creative Commons licenses are non-revokable; meaning that you may continue to use content previously distributed under Creative Commons licenses under those lienses. You can even find and continue to use articles archived copies in the Internet Archive under Creative Commons licenses.

A sync bug in Standard Notes kept deleting my notes

Update (): Lead-developer Mo Bitar says the dataloss issue has been fixed in recent versions of Standard Notes. He says the underlying issue was caused by a timing issue (“race-condition”) during data synchronization. I’ve not confirmed the fix; as this issue lead me to switch to Joplin. Though, now might be the time to give Standard Notes another try.