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The above options will subscribe you to every update from Ctrl blog. If you’re not interested in reading everything, you can subscribe to individual topics by interest via feed or email instead of getting all updates from across the site.

You can also get updated articles by feed or email.

What are news feeds and how do I use them?

Every single one of the above subscription options have one thing in common: they’re powered by web syndication feeds (documents in “RSS” or “Atom” file formats). This is an open standard used to subscribe to updates from websites. Just about every news site and blog offers this service to their visitors. As a user, you curate a list of the sites and topics that interest you in a news reader program. Since it is an open standard, there are hundreds of programs and services available to consume Atom.

In general terms, you copy a link to a news feed and paste it into your news reader. Links to feed on this site has a standard orange icon next to them. Your news reader will then fetch new updates periodically and present them to you as a list or personalized magazine.

If you don’t have a feed reader yet, I recommend Newsblur (web; Android; iOS), Aggregator (Android), Liferea (Linux), Vienna (macOS), and Newsflow (Windows). There are hundreds of other options, so just look around if these recommendations does not feed right for you.