License Ctrl blog content

You’ll find detailed licensing information for images, videos, articles, and other content on Ctrl blog at the bottom of each page. You’ll also find machine-readable license information embedded in each webpage (HTML+RDFa format) and embedded inside image files (XMP format).

The majority of articles and images on Ctrl blog is licensed under one of six Creative Commons licenses. Creative Commons is a set of licenses that grants broad rights to redistribute, reuse, and even modify and repurpose content. If you’re unfamiliar with these licenses you may want to read the quick Creative Commons License Primer before continuing.

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about and a check list for using the licenses:

  • You must always attribute the creator/author by name, link back to the original page where you found the content (preferably link the title of the content), and link to the license. The information should appear near the content or along with other license information on the same webpage/context.
  • You’re free to transform content — including translating them to other languages or turning them into video or audio presentations or modify an image or reworking a text completely — unless the license is marked Non-Derivative (ND). You must indicate how you’ve modified the content.
  • You must license your transformed work under the same license as the original when the license is marked Share-Alike (SA).
  • You can’t use content with licenses marked as Non-Commercial (NC) for anything commercial such as part of a paid eBook or in print, selling it on T-shirts, or other profit-driven activities, or used in other day-to-day operations inside a corporation. However, these right can be granted on request on a case-by-case basis to not-for-profit organizations and independent content creators.

Please note that parts of images may require other usage rights not granted by Creative Commons licenses. These include but aren’t limited to service- and tradmarks, and where applicable a model’s consent.

Requesting more permissions

If you can’t figure out the license for the image and article you want to use, or want to discuss different licensing terms — including for content syndication — then please get in touch by email at I’ll do my best to answer questions and help out if you just need information on using my Creative Commons licensed content too.

Do include a link to the material and describe your intended use as this will greatly expedite your request.