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The Raspberry Pi single-board computer next to the Raspberry Pi keyboard (black/gray version, with Norwegian keyboard layout) and its box.

The official Raspberry Pi accessory distributor conundrum

Update (): The Swedish retailer Kjell (an RS Components reseller) began accepting pre-orders for the Raspberry Pi 400 with a Norwegian keyboard layout on 2020-12-18 (two days after I researched and wrote this article). Kjell doesn’t list an estimated availability date. Neither CPC nor Kjell lists just the Norwegian keyboard accessory, though. The Raspberry Pi Foundation added Jkollerup as a distributor of the Norwegian keyboard layout Raspberry Pi keyboard accessory on 2020-12-19.

The internals of an MacBook Pro Retina without the backplate.

I replaced the aging battery on my MacBook Pro

Update (): The battery capacity issue seems to have been caused by a calibration error in the battery controller. The battery would drop from 42 % to 7 % and remain there for a few hours. I failed to notice this and though it needed to be recharged. After I noticed the pattern, I just kept using the MacBook at 7 % charge until it powered off roughly three hours later. I then charged it back up to 100 %. After doing this once, the battery now reports the right charge level, and the battery life has increased to about eight hours.

How to enable hibernation on Fedora

Update (): The above assumption is no longer the default. Starting with version 33, Fedora no longer creates a swap partition by default, but relies on ZRAM instead. You still need a storage drive backed swap partition as you still can’t swap volatile memory into itself when the system powers down.

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