Internet Archiver plug-in for Nikola

Submit your new posts on your Nikola powered site to the Internet Archive automatically using my new iarchiver plug-in.

Run nikola iarchver after deploying your site to send archival requests for all posts added since last the time the command was run. All posts are sent during the first run.

The plug-in can be added to the end of DEPLOY_COMMANDS (after the ping plug-in, for example) to run it automatically after deploying a site.

Install by running nikola install_plugin iarchiver from your site’s directory.

Note that non-post pages—such as indexes—are not submitted to the archive. The idea is that only the main content is worth preserving. I may consider also submitting the main index for archival on every update. I will need to experiment with the normal indexing routines of the Internet Archive before adding this functionality.

Updated ping plug-in

The ping plug-in has also been updated to prevent it from running more often than once per 15 minutes. This should help prevent sites from over-pining and being identified as a spammer.

Bug reports and feature requests for the iarchiver and ping plug-ins are welcome on GitHub.