XML-RPC ping plug-in for Nikola

I’m announcing a new ping command plug-in for Nikola. For notifying web services semi-automatically of new updates to your Nikola powered website. You can notify search engines and blog aggregators about new content on your Nikola powered blog using the new ping plug-in.

It supports pinging standard XML-RPC services and can even do an HTTP GET request if you’ve special needs. (Or if you care about the Bing “decision engine”.) The suggested configuration will ping the following services:

  • Google
  • Yandex
  • Baidu
  • Bing
  • Ping-o-Matic

You can easily configure other services too.

After you’ve deployed your site, simply run nikola ping to send pings to all configured services. Do not send pings if there isn’t any new content on your site. Your site can be block-listed by the ping services if you send excessive amounts of pings.

This is the first plug-in I’ve written for Nikola. I hope it will find its way to users who need it. May it never be used to send spam-pings.