Why I Love Free Software

Here is my contribution to this year’s annual I Love Free Software-day campaign by Free Software Foundation Europe. It’s also a roundup of much of what I’ve written about Linux and Windows over the last year.

I’m a Linux desktop user, because Linux doesn’t try to lock me into their platform and services only to abandon me halfway through the journey.

Instead of having my access to remote management features, convenient encryption features, and even how long I’m allowed to use my own device be restricted by how much I’ve paid for my operating system edition; I’m free to choose whichever edition I want based on my needs of the moment.

Rather than being annoyed and upset with the heap of garbage that’s Windows Update; I’m fascinated by the innovations and configurability of my update platform. Instead of being frustrated by the lackluster error messages and logs when Windows Update refuses to install updates; I feel the joy of having my patch that improves error messages approved and included in my operating system.

When core system features breaks, which they always seem to do, I can better identify and either correct — or work around — the issue more easily when I can study and improve the code.

Sure, I’ve had my share of issues on Linux too. Contrary to popular beliefs, hardware compatibility issues happen on Linux and Windows. Yet, I can always find a solution on Linux whereas I’m left wondering on Windows.

I still can’t sync my contacts and calendar between Windows Mail/Calendar and Contacts with my other devices, but Linux has no problem syncing with MacOS, iOS, and Android. Sure, despite the efforts of the GNOME team and even with patches provided by yours truly to keep operations running smoothly, other people’s servers sometimes stop working. You don’t usually run into issues like that on Windows.

I do appreciate Windows’ friendly gestures and attempts at embracing Linux as a powertool. Though, I sincerely wish Microsoft will do more work on support for running my favorite programs. It’s a great start with lots of potential none the less.

I’m a Linux desktop user, and I show off my love with pride. Although Windows is still a part of my life, I prefer sticking it in a box and forgetting all about it.

I use Linux every day, and I love it. #ilovefs

I’d like to say a big great thank you! to everyone who contribute and help make Linux the greatest operating system on the planet. A special thank you to everyone — and especially project maintainers — who’ve help review one of the 150+ small patches that I’ve submitted to various projects in the free software world over the last year. I’ve felt welcome and valued just about everywhere. I sincerely appreciate your time commitment and work every day!