I’ve been using Linux since 2004 and it’s my preferred server and desktop environment. I advocate for free-software and open-source, and blog about it to help more people use and discover it.

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A disabled KMail window with an error dialog saying “KMail is not responding” on top of it.

KMail account trouble

I’ve always wanted to use KMail. However, I always run into problems trying to use it. Unfortunately, this time was no different than my past experiences.

Can Linux hibernate into tmpfs?

Hibernation requires that you can swap data out of volatile memory into something that will persist through a power cycle. A tmpfs in RAM isn’t the best option.

How to enable hibernation on Fedora

Configure Fedora Workstation’s boot environment to support system hibernation/suspend-to-disk. Lets you power-off your computer and resume your work later.