How to add an iCal/​webcal calendar to the Calendar app in Windows 10

An empty calendar app is a useless calendar app. Here is how you can fill up the built-in Calendar app in Windows 10 with your favorite iCalendar/webcal subscriptions.

The Calendar app that comes built-in to Windows 10 does support iCalendar/webcal subscriptions. This is how the Holiday Calendars and Interesting Calendars features work. Unfortunately, there’s no way to configure a custom iCalendar address at this time.

However, you can add and sync an Outlook.com account (or any Microsoft Account) with the Calendar app, and through that channel can then pull in an iCalendar subscription from the web. The calendar will be pulled in through Outlook.com and into the Calendar app on your Windows devices. This is a bit backward, but it will get your iCalendar subscription into Windows.

The setup process is normally a bit complicated, but you can use this tutorial to skip through most of the process.

  1. Add your iCalendar source address in the form below:

You’ll be prompted to login to Outlook.com. Use the same Microsoft Account as you use to login to your PC (or just use any Microsoft Account.) Once you’ve added the iCalendar subscription to the Outlook.com Calendar, you can move on to verify or configure syncing with the Windows 10 Calendar app.

  1. Go to the Windows Settings app: Accounts: Email and app accounts. Verify that the Microsoft Account you used above is on the list. If not, click Add an account and add this account to your Windows account.

After a few minutes, the iCalendar subscription you added on Outlook.com will appear in the Calendar app. The subscription is updated at least once per day, but Outlook.com may begin to update it more frequently if it changes frequently.

Please note that you can only add public calendars that don’t require password authentication. Any iCalendar address you add to Outlook.com should be considered public, so please don’t use this method to sync any calendars that may contain private information.

This solution should work for Windows 10 as well as Windows 10 Mobile devices.

You’re not sharing your Microsoft Account password with Ctrl blog or anyone else. Once you fill in the above form, you’re sent to a Microsoft login page hosted by Microsoft and continue on to Outlook.com Calendar where you’ll be prompted to add your iCalendar.