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A stack of three files with the Chrome icon on them.

Chrome to remove HTTP/2 Push

Chrome intends to remove support for server push; an underutilized performance feature introduced in HTTP/2. It cites low usage and implementation complexity.

A graph comparing the top-level domain root resolution for the .blog and .com gTLDs.

.blog vs .com TLD performance

Traditional and established top-level domain resolves faster than the newfangled .blog top-level domain. Unsurprising, but worrisome.

The Google AdSense logo.

Make AdSense faster with preconnect

Reduce Google AdSense’s impact on page-load time using <link rel="preconnect">. Optimization only used on 350 out of 12M AdSense partner websites.

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Safari’s Beacon API problems

You must implement the Beacon API the way WebKit deems to be “the right way” to make it work on iOS, Safari, and WebKit browsers.