Fedora Linux

I’ve been using the Fedora Linux distribution on the desktop and for server workloads since 2016. I blog to help other Fedora users and to advocate my preferred distro.

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How to enable hibernation on Fedora

Configure Fedora Workstation’s boot environment to support system hibernation/suspend-to-disk. Lets you power-off your computer and resume your work later.

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Why I choose the Linux desktop

The Linux desktop aligns more with my values; as Windows and macOS seek to restrict ever-more user freedoms. Plus, I like bing able to debug problems.

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Change the default SSH port in Fedora

Reduce brute-force password guessing and scripted attacks on your SSH service running on a Fedora Server by changing away from the default SSH port number.

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Migrated from Debian to Fedora

I left Deb-packages and all of Debian Linux behind in favor of Fedora Linux and RPM packages. Here is why I made that decision to switch Linux flavor.