Welcome to my new blog

Who starts a new blog in 2013? Well, I just did. You’re welcome.

“Write your post here.” The placeholder for new posts generated by Nikola, the static website generator, seemed like a fitting introduction to my new blog. I want to write more, and I want that writing to be done here on my own site where I retain full control and ownership.

I am working on several posts already and have many ideas for things to write about. However, the site will be a bit dry for content in the first few weeks. I will improve the site design too, once I’ve got some more posts here.

I’ve also begun working on a custom-built theme for Nikola for use with this site. As far as I know, it’s the only theme for Nikola using HTML5 sectioning and h-entry. If you are interested in a juicy semantic theme for Nikola, I will be offering this site’s theme up for grabs soon. I intend to contribute it back to the Nikola project once I feel satisfied with it.

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