Turn your Nikola blog into a podcast

I have had my very own netcast (podcast) for a few weeks now. You may even be listening to this blog post if you discovered my netcast through one of the many netcast directories on the Web.

Nikola version 7, released ten days ago, is required to use my new Speech Synthesized Netcast plug-in. The plug-in will automatically record a text-to-speech synthesized versions of each post in a Nikola powered blog. The recordings will be available in a variety of audio formats and put into an RSS feed for subscription.

The reading quality is not perfect but it is understandable. Proper nouns, name, and trademarks will cause the most problems. The text-to-speech synthesized used in the plug-in is powered by Espeak.

Multilingual sites are also supported, and each post will be read in an approximation of the language dialect. An introductions and outro can be configured for each language.

How can I get my own netcast?

Assuming your blog is powered by Nikola, you can use my new plug-in:

  1. Upgrade to Nikola version 7.0
  2. Run nikola install_plugin speechsynthesizednetcast
  3. Run nikola build as usual

There is a little bit more to it if you want to change things up. However, this is the bare minimum for what is required assuming you have all the necessary software. The plug-in will inform you if you are missing something. There are no weird software dependencies; all should be available in every Linux distribution.

Review the available documentation and configuration options in the Nikola pug-in repository.