Opera Extension: Mailto Button

I’ve made yet another small Opera extension that adds an “Email page” button on the main toolbar and to the page context menu. Mailto button adds a toolbar button to send the current page via email using your default email client or service.

You can also right-click on a page and choose “Email page”. The toolbar button can optionally be hidden from the toolbar by going to its settings in the Extension manager.

The extension can be used together with other email-related extensions, such as Gmail Compose to send the page using webmail services such as Yahoo! Mail or Google Mail.

As with my other extensions, the source code is available on GitHub. Requests and bugs are welcome on GitHub, and reviews and comments in Opera’s extension catalog.

Please note that you may sometimes see a new tab while the extension does its thing. This is caused by a limitation in Opera’s extension framework and is something I can’t do anything about.

Update (): Please note that I don’t intend to maintain this extension in the future as I kind of lost interest in Opera. The source code is available under a permissive MIT License for anyone interested in updating it in the future.

The extension is no longer available for download, but you can still get the source code on GitHub.