New Opera extension: Internet Archive This

Take on the role as one of the Internet’s Master Librarians and help grow the Internet Archive right from your browser with this new extension.

This new Opera extension (Chromium extension source code available) adds a toolbar button to your browser for saving the current tab to the Internet Archive. Found a valuable blog post? or a forum thread that solves a very important issue? or maybe you’ve rediscovered the instructions manual for a home appliance? Make sure valuable discoveries on the Web stay accessible in the future by archiving it with the Internet Archives with just a click of a button.

There’s no guarantee that a page will be accepted into the archives, but at least you’ve given it a fair try.

Update (): Please note that I don’t intend to maintain this extension in the future as I kind of lost interest in Opera. The source code is available under a permissive MIT License for anyone interested in updating it in the future.

The extension is no longer available for download, but you can still get the source code on GitHub.