Redownload all iTunes purchases in one go

You used to be able to go into the iTunes Store and easily redownload everything from the My Purchases page. This page is now entirely useless when it comes to redownload your previous purchases.

However, there is still a way you can download everything in one go from within your iTunes Music Library.

  1. Start by logging in to iTunes from the Account: Login menu.
  2. Then go to Music: Library: Songs.

You should see all of your music that’s available on iTunes in the Cloud on the Library: Music page. iTunes may show a screen asking you to Scan for Music or Go to the iTunes Store before your library has loaded.

If your library hasn’t yet loaded, make sure you’re logged in to the iTunes Store and that your computer is authorized from the Account menu. You may need to wait a few minutes for your library information to be downloaded and displayed in My Music.

Once your library has loaded, you can continue:

  1. Click on the list of songs and select everything in the list by pressing Command + A on Mac or Control + A on Windows
  2. Right-click anywhere on the selection and choose Download.

Everything should start downloading right away. Depending on your network connection and the number of songs, it may take hours or days to download everything.

You can’t quit iTunes once the downloads have started, so make sure you’ve adequate time and battery power available for the whole library to download. If you see error dialogs noting that some downloads have failed, open the Downloads menu from the toolbar and choose Resume All from the context menu.

You can use the same method to download all your movies and books too:

  1. Go to iTunes: Movies: Library, or iTunes: Books or Audiobooks.
  2. Repeat step 4–5

Please note that iTunes won’t check if you’ve enough storage space available to store all your songs. You may end up in trouble if you fill up your drive completely with music. Have an external storage drive available in case you need to move stuff off your main system drive.