List of special-purpose folders in One­Drive and how to recreate them

Recreate or link to special-purpose folders in OneDrive from the Web. Like your user home folder in Windows, Microsoft populates your OneDrive online file-hosting folder with some default special-purpose folders. You may not have all of them without using special apps first and they can be tricky to recreate if they get lost. Here is a list of all the special folders and links for recreating them.

  • Apps
    App specific data.
  • Desktop
    The files on your computers’ desktop.
  • Documents
    Default location for saved files from most of the Office apps.
  • Email attachments
    Default location for saved email attachments from
  • Music
    Folder used by Groove Music — formerly Xbox Music — to find and make your music collection available for streaming in the Groove apps. Purchases from Groove doesn’t appear here automatically.
  • Pictures
    Used by Windows Photos, Xbox, and other apps to store your photos.
  • Pictures: Camera Roll
    Automatic OneDrive Camera backup destination.
  • Pictures: Saved Pictures
    Images originating from the Web or other sources than the camera and system screenshots.
  • Pictures: Screenshots
    Automatic OneDrive Camera backup destination for system screenshots (mobile apps.)
  • Public
    Folder for everything intended to be shared publicly on the Web.
  • Videos
    Default save location for the Xbox Game DVR and OneDrive Camera backed-up videos.

If you’ve deleted any of these or haven’t used any of the apps that automatically create them, you can follow the above links to create them in your OneDrive account. Manually creating folders with the correct names in OneDrive may not be enough to fully restore them depending on your account history and localization settings on your PC, and luck. Bilingual users may be familiar with the issues of for example having one „Dokumenten“ folder in German and one “Documents” folder in English.

The folders can be renamed if they were created by OneDrive APIs (or the above links) and is properly recognized by OneDrive as special-purpose folders. In my own testing, I experienced issues when renaming the folders using the apps. I would recommend you rename them on the OneDrive website and wait for it to sync to your clients to avoid these issues.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s file-hosting service, prominently featured and promoted in key areas in Windows 8 and 10 and is tightly integrated with apps and these platforms.