Location tracking – an unfaithful friend

I recently overheard two women in their thirties at my local post office. They were discussing “some jerk” and “having his stuff sent home to his mother”. Having nothing else to do in the endless lines at the post office, I overheard an interesting story from them.

The conversation was obviously about a recent break-up. However, it was lighthearted. The girls could almost not contain their glee over how her unfaithful ex-partner had been outed:

“I’ve him on Find My Friends, of course. I watched him go back to his ex-girlfriend’s place less than an hour after I left town. He went back there every night the whole week I was away. I told him to start packing as soon as I got home.”

Then they went on to talk about how she had enabled the feature on his phone early in their relationship. I thought that she either had to be paranoid or technologically perceptive. However, the other girl said she considered having access to her boyfriend’s whereabouts a requirement for a stable relationship. She continued telling the story of another friend. Her friend had borrowed her boyfriend’s iPad. She had tracked its location, and that was the end of that relationship.

Do not share your gadgets or grant anyone permanent access to your current location. Things can get complicated when you do.

Watch out boys and girls. Surveillance can originate from closer to home than the NSA.