Aeyoun blog becomes Slight Future

Update (): The blog was renamed again a year later to Ctrl blog to get a shorter domain name.

Welcome as one of the first visitors to Slight Future, the new home and brand of Aeyoun. You may have noticed that your browser is showing a different address today.

I haven’t ever been happy with repurposing my own personal online alias “Aeyoun” as the name of my blog, but it was a unique name with no hits on any of the major international search engines. I’d myself a pretty unique wordmark and domain name. This spring, Google started suggesting that anyone who typed in the name of my site had mistyped the name of a South Korean girl-pop singer.

This singer started using an abbreviation of her name that was similar to my site. The interesting technology related ads that used to appear on this site started being pushed out by ads targeted at men who have an interest in Asian culture and want to get acquainted with women of an Asian background. There was also the small problem of “Aeyoun” consisting of too many vowels to be easily remembered and spelled out. Plus the somewhat embarrassing fact that the name was based on the first character from my family name and one of my favorite science fiction character Weyoun from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Naming a website isn’t hard. However, finding a good name and with a matching domain name is almost impossible. Finding a new name for anything on the web can be super hard as pretty much everything will already have been taken. At least, it can feel like that when you’re typing in increasingly desperate suggestions into a domain registration field. I’ll write more on the difficulties with finding a good domain name in an future update.

After more than a year of consideration, I landed on The slight future is closer to today than the “near future”. It has associations with progress and technology through the strong relation between future and science fiction.

It’s loosely enough defined to allow me room to speculate on the future and comment on where technology is, where it could be going, and where I believe it should be going. I try to write on subjects that will remain interesting for at least some time in the future rather than subjects that will only be of interest today. Although, I’m always surprised by which of my articles remain popular over time.

Slight Future is easier to spell, easier to remember, and has a more authoritative voice than Aeyoun. I think I’ve got some interesting articles lined up going forward, or at least for the slight future. My own experiences from being a netizen of the web have also taught me that domains with two distinct words are much easier to remember than one made-up wordmark. Generally speaking. (Who doesn’t misspell the Google domain from time to time?)

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