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Ctrl blog requires an enormous amount of time and effort to produce. If you’ve found a solution to

Here are some options for how you can support my work:

1. Support Ctrl blog with Flattr

Flattr is a single monthly subscription that pays your favorite websites and creators. Flattr makes it easy for you to stay within your budget and you don’t have to deal with a million individual little subscriptions for everyone you want to support.

You can either support Ctrl blog every month or automatically support Ctrl blog (and other websites) every time you visit by installing the Flattr web browser extension.

2. Use the Brave web browser

You can download and use to the Brave web browser. Brave is a web browser, like Google Chrome, but it blocks online tracking companies to give you more privacy on the web.

Websites have historically been financed through advertising, but Brave is working on an alternative funding method for the whole web and Ctrl blog is on board!

Download Brave now and see how the web can be without the ads-driven attention economy. Make sure you check out Brave Rewards.

3. Shop on Amazon

By using the below links, a portion of your next purchase from Amazon will be contributed back to Ctrl blog at no additional cost to you.

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4. Disable your ad blocker

Ads are the primary funding source for Ctrl blog. Please disable your ad blocker to keep the website going.

Please consider using either Brave or Flattr ff you’re uncomfortable with disabling your ad block or just don’t like ads. The web may be free to browse; but it definitively costs lots of time and money to make and operate.