Camera models and lenses

The following list shows the cameras and lenses that have been used to shoot the most number of photos for Ctrl blog. I take quite a few photos myself, but I also use stock photos from other creators.


  1. Nikon D7000 (on Amazon)
  2. Nikon D7500 (on Amazon)
  3. Canon EOS 5D Mark II (on Amazon)
  4. Canon EOS 5D Mark III (on Amazon)
  5. Canon EOS 70D (on Amazon)
  6. LGE Nexus 5X (on Amazon)
  7. SONY DSC-HX300 (on Amazon)
  8. Nikon D5100 (on Amazon)
  9. Canon EOS 30D (on Amazon)
  10. Canon EOS 7D (on Amazon)
  11. Nikon D3100 (on Amazon)
  12. Canon EOS 5D (on Amazon)
  13. Canon EOS 6D (on Amazon)
  14. Nikon D3S (on Amazon)
  15. SONY ILCE-7M2 (on Amazon)
  16. Nikon D300S (on Amazon)
  17. Nikon D750 (on Amazon)
  18. Canon EOS 700D (on Amazon)
  19. Canon EOS 50D (on Amazon)
  20. Panasonic DMC-GX80 (on Amazon)


  1. Tokina AT-X M35 PRO DX 35mm ƒ/2.8 MACRO (on Amazon)
  2. Nikon FX Nikkor 50mm ƒ/1.8 D (on Amazon)
  3. Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm ƒ/1.8 G (on Amazon)

You can find the camera make and model for individual images by looking at the metadata embedded in the full resolution version of each photo published on Ctrl blog. This page is automatically generated from this metadata.

I earn a sales commission from Amazon if you make a purchase from one the above links.