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This page outlines technical details about this website. You can learn more about the purpose and content of the website, as well as the author on the About page.

The site runs on the Apache HTTP Server in conjunction with Varnish running on Fedora Linux hosted by Hetzner. Content delivery by BunnyCDN. Everything is published using a heavily customized instance of WordPress. The site is only available over an encrypted connection (HTTPS).

The website should work in any modern browser on any sized device. Older browsers will get a visually simplistic version instead. Some older browsers, like Internet Explorer 6, will not be able to access the site as the site uses security standards newer than what is supported by ancient browsers.

Older iterations of the website design can be seen in the Internet Archives.

Web analytics is delivered by Google Analytics. Maintenance needs are monitored using GoAccess on the server. Service availability is monitored by UptimeRobot. See the Privacy policy for details.

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