Hi, welcome to Ctrl blog (“Control blog”) – The quite technical blog of Daniel Aleksandersen, a specialist in obscure details based in Oslo, Norway.

Ctrl blog is where I share essays, tutorials, reviews, and technical notes and articles on a variety of topics that interested me in the moment.

I always try to “Write the article you wish you found when you searched the web for something.” As a technically minded technologist, this means I usually have to put a lot of research in before I can write anything. Many of the articles are the result of my almost obsessive note-taking habit, while others I write some because I believe they’ll be useful to others. I write quite regularly because I enjoy writing!

I publish a list of frequently cited sources in the interest of transparency and disclosing any influences and agendas.

Ctrl blog has grown so popular it’s regularly plagiarized in several languages! A big thanks to everyone who found what I write interesting enough to spend a few minutes reading!

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This blog has previously been published under the names “Slight Future” and “Aeyoun”.