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Recently updated, corrected, and modified articles; in order of most recently modified.

  1. Updated: Review of Email privacy with a thick German accent

    Update : have now rolled out DKIM support for custom domains. It’s less than an ideal setup as every costumer domain shares the same cryptographic keys.

  2. Updated: Comparing secondary authoritative DNS service providers

    Update : Hurricane Electric have implemented TSIG authorization. The above table have been updated to reflect this.

  3. Updated: Update: 3 months with Bitwarden

    Update : Bitwarden have now added a password history list of old passwords associated with each password vault entry. You can only access the password history from their web vault, but history is preserved even when updating a saved password from one of their browser extensions or apps.

  4. Updated: BATify extension brings Brave Payments to Firefox and Chrome

    Update : The extension appears to have been discontinued and is no longer being distributed for any web browser. The website and project have disappeared completely without a trace.

  5. Updated: breaks IPv6 literal addresses in the wrong places

    Update : Three years later, and the issue is now resolved as fixed in the Android Open Source Project bug tracker. However, don’t expect this to be fixed on devices until after Android API Level 29 or maybe even 30 (after Android 9.0 “Pie”).

  6. Updated: Flatpak, Steam Cloud, and XDG Base Directories — why your Linux game progress isn’t being synced

    Update : This issue has been fixed and Steam Cloud should now work will all your games.

  7. Updated: Turkey blocks BunnyCDN, 14 000 websites and Ctrl blog inaccessible

    Update : The ban have been lifted and BunnyCDN is once again accessible in Turkey. BunnyCDN haven’t provided any additional details on why they were blocked or whether they had to make any changes at the behest of the Turkish regulators.

  8. Updated: Mozilla celebrates 1M new non-Gecko users

    Update : Firefox Focus version 7.0 for Android now ships with both WebView and GeckoView. Mozilla have opted for a staged roll-out so only some users will be using GeckoView now but they intend to move all users over to Gecko in the coming months.

  9. Updated: Google Contributor program stops accepting new subscribers

    Update : is now discontinued.

  10. Updated: Reduce the max cookie lifetime from decades to days in Firefox

    Update : The features and settings described in this article have been retired and no longer works as of Firefox 63.

  11. Updated: Host It Yourself: Stop embedding external content on your site

    Update : The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) earlier . The new regulation mandate that websites pay attention to privacy as discussed in this article. I believe this is a positive development! Read some of my newer articles on the GDPR for more information.

  12. Updated: Why I migrated from LastPass to Bitwarden

    Update : Bitwarden no longer includes Google Analytics scripts directly. Please see the 3-months with Bitwarden update for newer information.

  13. Updated: The fabulous USB type-C Simulator app

    Update : The app is no longer available on Google Play.

  14. Updated: What is First-Party Isolation in Firefox and what breaks if you enabled it

    Update : Added information about login issues with extension API.

  15. Updated: What is First-Party Isolation in Firefox and what breaks if you enabled it

    Update : Added information about Pocket login issues.

  16. Updated: Review of laptop stickers and Linux merchandise from Unixstickers

    Update : Unixstickers no longer sells Linux and open source branded merchandise. I’m not aware of any alternatives stores at this time.

  17. Updated: Review: Managed GeoDNS on a budget

    Update : Zilore has raised their prices and GeoDNS is no longer include with their basic service. You can still get GeoDNS starting at 25 USD per month.

  18. Updated: The many URI schemas used by the browsers’ “Reader Views”

    Update : Firefox’s reading list feature has been deprecated in favor of Mozilla’s Pocket reading-list service. The following paragraph is therefor no longer accurate.

  19. Updated: CDNSun, KeyCDN, and BunnyCDN; budget content delivery networks compared

    Update : KeyCDN now supports asynchronous background revalidation.

  20. Updated: Which CDN providers support stale-while-revalidate?

    Update : KeyCDN now supports asynchronous background revalidation.