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  1. The fabulous USB type-C Simulator app

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : The app is no longer available on Google Play.

  2. What is First-Party Isolation in Firefox and what breaks if you enabled it

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Added information about login issues with extension API.

    Update : Added information about Pocket login issues.

  3. Review of laptop stickers and Linux merchandise from Unixstickers

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Unixstickers no longer sells Linux and open source branded merchandise. I’m not aware of any alternatives stores at this time.

  4. Review: Managed GeoDNS on a budget

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Zilore has raised their prices and GeoDNS is no longer include with their basic service. You can still get GeoDNS starting at 25 USD per month.

  5. The many URI schemas used by the browsers’ “Reader Views”

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Firefox’s reading list feature has been deprecated in favor of Mozilla’s Pocket reading-list service. The following paragraph is therefor no longer accurate.

    Update : Almost three years later, the Chrome DOM Distiller finally shipped as an accessibility feature in Chrome 65 but only on Android.

  6. Stop CAs from misissuing certificates for your domains with CAA records

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : The above overview was updated to reflect that CloudFlare, Dyn, Gandi, and GoDaddy DNS now support CAA records.

  7. Strip out the ads and pay websites directly with Brave browser

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Brave have now switched from Bitcoin to their own Basic Attention Token (BAT) system. BAT, like Bitcoin, is a blockchain based token system – better known as a crypto-currency. Most of this article remains unchanged as this is just a change of currency, the technologies and problems remain the same.

  8. Comparing and contrasting Uncomplicated Firewall and FirewallD

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : I’ve chatted with FirewallD’s lead developer Thomas Woerner, and he was positive to adding support for per-IP rate limiting to FirewallD.

  9. CDNSun, KeyCDN, and BunnyCDN, budget content delivery networks compared

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : KeyCDN now supports asynchronous background revalidation.

    Update : BunnyCDN’s service status page now lists “IPv6 Maintenance” as a low priority issue.

  10. Which CDN providers support stale-while-revalidate?

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : KeyCDN now supports asynchronous background revalidation.

  11. Updated: TP-Link repeater firmware squanders 715 MB/month

  12. Updated: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review

  13. Updated: Microsoft adding Ogg, Theora, and Vorbis open media formats to Windows 10

  14. Updated: Amazon Australia seems to prepare for Affiliate Program launch

  15. Updated: Resolving the battle for control over your DNS settings in Debian/Ubuntu

  16. Updated: How ‘Do Not Track’ affects your visit to Ctrl blog

  17. Updated: mDNS and DNS‐SD slowly making their way into Windows 10

  18. Updated: On using Coinhive CAPTCHA instead of reCAPTCHA by Google

  19. Updated: Roomba app notifications are unhelpful and miss the point

  20. Updated: Best practices for caching of syndication feeds for feed readers and publishers

  21. Updated: Understanding AdSense’s new “Ad balance” option

  22. Updated: Lenovo OneKey Optimizer review

  23. Updated: Isn’t it high time Apple enabled the OS X firewall by default?

  24. Updated: Exploring some of the lesser known robots.txt directives

  25. Updated: Apple News app getting its own User-Agent for analytics in iOS 10