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  1. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review

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    Update : It’s been three years and the Yoga 3 Pro haven’t fared too well. Read all about it in my three-years later re-review!

  2. The many URI schemas used by the browsers’ “Reader Views”

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Almost three years later, the Chrome DOM Distiller finally shipped as an accessibility feature in Chrome 65 but only on Android.

  3. Microsoft adding Ogg, Theora, and Vorbis open media formats to Windows 10

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Microsoft has now released support for Ogg media container files and these codecs as an optional add-on to Windows 10 and Xbox One available for free in the Microsoft Store.

  4. Amazon Australia seems to prepare for Affiliate Program launch

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    Update : The Amazon Australia Affiliate Program was temporarily live and open for registration this month. The website has since gone offline again.

    Update : The Amazon Australia Affiliate Program is isn’t yet linkable Amazon OneLink.

  5. Resolving the battle for control over your DNS settings in Debian/Ubuntu

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    Update : This article still applies if you’ve updated from an older version of Debian or Ubuntu. However, I’ve since published How to take back control of /etc/resolv.conf on Linux which provides more up to date advice and help in more similar situations. I recommend you read that article instead.

  6. How ‘Do Not Track’ affects your visit to Ctrl blog

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    Update : The Privacy Policy have changed since this was published The DNT header still has a similar effect. Please review the new version for current information applicable to this website.

  7. mDNS and DNS‐SD slowly making their way into Windows 10

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Windows 10 also uses DNS-SD to announce and discover wireless displays (Wi-Fi Direct/P2P/Miracast) on the local network.

    Update : The optional ‘Device discovery’ setting, part of Developer mode, now uses mDNS to announce the device on the network. It’ unclear whether this will be on by default outside of developer mode at a later time.

  8. On using Coinhive CAPTCHA instead of reCAPTCHA by Google

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : So that was a short-lived experiment. Coinhive CAPTCHA is now blocked everywhere including on DNS and ISP levels so I had to stop using them. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any other alternative CAPTCHA services available with the same level of privacy and ease-of-use on the user. But I’ll keep looking!

  9. Roomba app notifications are unhelpful and miss the point

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : iRobot Home version 2.6 and Robot firmware 2.4.4 () now lets you disable job status reports if you sign up for an iRobot Account and link your vacuum. (That is an incredible sentence I never thought I’d write.)

  10. Stop CAs from misissuing certificates for your domains with CAA records

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : The above overview was updated to reflect that CloudFlare, Dyn, Gandi, and GoDaddy DNS now support CAA records.

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  22. Updated: What is really the difference between TP-Link RE650 and RE500? Firmware limits.

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