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  1. Automatically contribute to funding the web with the new Flattr extension

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : You can check how much you pay in fees and how much each Flattr token is worth using the Flattr worth and fee calculator.

  2. Brave Browser: why not make the payment platform a browser extension?

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Flattr+ has launched and has also rebranded to just ‘Flattr’.

  3. Understanding AdSense’s new “Ad balance” option

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : AdSense had reported that “Ad balance is under maintenance” between and , but is now available to publishers again.

  4. Embed a JavaScript CDN in your web browser with Decentraleyes

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Version 2.0.0 has been completely rewritten using the Firefox WebExtension API. However, this problem remains unresolved — and now even more website use CSP and run into problems with Decentraleyes.

  5. Strip out the ads and pay websites directly with Brave browser

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Brave have now switched from Bitcoin to their own Basic Attention Token (BAT) system. BAT, like Bitcoin, is a blockchain based token system – better known as a crypto-currency. Most of this article remains unchanged as this is just a change of currency, the technologies and problems remain the same.

  6. Amazon begin redirecting affiliate links to nearest regional Amazon website

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Amazon OneLink have expanded to include affiliate programs in Europe and Japan. There is still no word on the Indian or the Australian affiliate programs.

    Update : Amazon OneLink now also work with Amazon Native Shopping ads for the United Kingdom (this ad type isn’t currently available in Canada). After some testing, I can confirm that you still don’t need to install the OneLink script on your website if you go on to and regenerate your Native Shopping script and reinstall it on your website.

  7. Reliably distribute your downloads from a seedbox via distributed BitTorrent (DHT)

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Mininova was discontinued in , and no longer offer BitTorrent distribution services.

  8. Google Contributor is an ingenious business plan to fix web ads

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Since this post was published, Google Contributor has transformed into a service that works differently from what is described in this article.

    Update : Read the follow-up Two months as a Google Contributor.

  9. Google Contributor program stops accepting new subscribers

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : Contributor is back, and it’s very different.

  10. Open links force-opened in Microsoft Edge in your default browser

    Last modified: – Published:

    Update : SearchWithMyBrowser has since been updated to version 1.0.0 which patches most attack vectors for the vulnerability mentioned above. This version also introduces usability improvements like a binary distribution package.

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