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  1. How to enable remote RDP access in Windows 10 Home edition

    Here is why remote desktop isn’t included in Windows Home edition, and how you can enable it anyway.

  2. How-to enable, login to, or disable Microsoft SSH Server in Windows 10

    You can login to Windows 10 remotely over SSH using the built-in Microsoft SSH Server.

  3. Opening the Settings app from the Command Prompt in Windows 10

    Tutorial demonstrating some different ways of opening the Windows Settings app from PowerShell or the Command Prompt.

  4. TP-Link serves outdated or no firmware at all on 30% of its European websites

    TP-Link uses the same firmware in most of Europe, but fails to keep their regional websites up to date with the latest versions.

  5. HTML5 number inputs – Comma and period as decimal marks

    Exploring one of HTML5’s most problematic and inconsistent user experience elements: the <input type="number">.

  6. Firefox 57 with a new and more distracting New Tab experience

    Reading recommendations and highlights adds new distractions on the New Tab in Firefox 57.

  7. My experiences with purchasing Bitcoins using a credit card via Cex.io

    Nothing about my experiences at Cex.io made me feel like this was a safe and trustworthy place to conduct any kind of financial transactions.

  8. Remote desktop capabilities making a comeback in GNOME on Wayland

    Work on new Mutter APIs and Remote Desktop service enable screen recording and remote desktop in GNOME under Wayland.

  9. Get a few Bitcoin to play with using the Bitcoin Miner app for Windows

    A free Bitcoin mining app for Windows won’t make you a Bitcoin millionaire, but it will mine enough coins for you to explore the technology.

  10. What is TWinUI? – Tablet Windows UI

    TWinUI is actually the modern Windows shell itself, and not a separate program.

  11. Fixing “Your File History drive was disconnected for too long” errors

  12. How-to disable Cortana and restore Windows Search in Creator’s Update

  13. How-to add CalDAV and CardDAV accounts and sync with Windows 10

  14. Open links force-opened in Microsoft Edge in your default browser

  15. Running Linux desktop apps on the Windows Subsystem for Linux

  16. My experiences with purchasing Bitcoins using a credit card via Cubits.com

  17. EFF’s Privacy Badger will deteriorate your browser experience

  18. Review: Ethernet Adapter for Google Chromecast

  19. How-to encrypt backups using Windows 10’s built-in tools

  20. Synchronizing GNOME and all its apps with a CalDAV server

  21. What I learned after 30 minutes with ReFS

  22. Review: IPFire as a home router

  23. Understanding AdSense’s new “Ad balance” option

  24. Conversations: The best open source XMPP client for Android

  25. How-to add an iCal/webcal calendar to the Calendar app in Windows 10

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