Book review: This Book Loves You by PewDiePie

YouTuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg’s first book is a book about how easy it is to leverage a high-profile name for profit. It certainly isn’t about making anyone laugh.

PewDiePie has said that his first book is a “parody on self-help books” and is “full of useful quotes.” In reality, it’s nothing but meaningless quotes set to slightly weird background photos. The book simply isn’t any fun nor silly, and that is really not what I expected from a comedian.

I didn’t expect the book to be great and I realized beforehand that it was a way for him to earn some quick cash from his fans. Yet, I was okay with that and gave the book the benefit of the doubt. I thought it would be at least a little funny and as it’s quite graphic it could serve as a coffee table book.

This Book Loves you has a few references to things that have been said and done on PewDiePie’s YouTube channel. I personally watch ⅙ of all his videos and find most of them entertaining and fun to watch. The quotes in the book are just the filler things he says in the few otherwise quieter parts of his videos. As someone who makes comedy from saying weird shit in a corny Swedish accent at the right time to make it all fun watch; one would think that the same would be expected from the book. However, without the proper delivery the quotes are just meaningless words on the paper. Fans of PewDiePie would probably expect something charismatic, energetic, positive, and funny. Comedy equals tragedy plus time; and the timing in This Book Loves you is just awful leaving the reader with nothing but a tragedy of a book.

As the book is not funny and apparently doesn’t even try to be funny, there is no value left in it. It’s just colorful pictures and meaningless out of tune texts. What remains appears to be someone’s — who already makes millions from YouTube advertisement — latest attempt at diversifying his income. Taking money directly from his [majority young] fans in a shameless and low-effort ploy makes the book even less funny. I don’t think I even smiled more than once while flipping through the book. Even the most avid fan of the Swede will not find anything to enjoy in This Book Loves You.

Dear Felix, get back to playing games. Your book is a top-seller because you’re famous, but you’re breaking down the trust you’ve built up with your audience over the years in the pursuit of easy money. Publishing This Book Loves You will probably add to your fortune right now, but I still believe it was a bad career move for you. Anyone who bought this book will be more hesitant to purchase anything else you make in the future. You should have written an actual book about gaming or something you’re passionate about.

PewDiePie has a regular feature on his channel where he “does Photoshop” and manipulates photos and takes requests from his fans. Those photos often turn out funny and it’s fun to watch him distort photos. An actual best-of collection of these accompanied by a parody Photoshop self-help tutorial; now there is the basis for a book where I believe Felix could have made something that would actually be funny!

This Book Doesn’t Love You, but if you’re dedicated enough to PewDiePie as a fan you might just love him enough to buy the book out of sympathy. But don’t expect there to be anything in this for you as the buyer.