Book review: Moon Wreck – The Slaver Wars Book 1, by Raymond L. Weil

This is the first of many short science fiction book reviews I will be posting here on this blog. This review was first published on

A moon landing goes bad after encountering interference that breaks down the lander’s on‐board computerized systems. Two astronauts — now being stranded on the Moon — discovers a powerful artificial intelligence and an approaching threat to Earth while investigating the source of the interference.

The aliens are, of course, perfectly fluent in English and no Earth customs surprises them.

The story is simple, the plot line is simple, the premise is shallow, and the characters act like robots reading a script of their expected emotional reactions. There is no connection between their emotions and their behavior. Having read more than my fair share of sci‐fi books, it is easy to tell that Raymond L. Weil is a novice sci‐fi author.