Book review: The Dark Between the Stars – The Saga of Shadows Book 1, by Kevin J. Anderson

I’m very excited about The Dark Between The Stars, the first book in the new Saga of Shadows series. Having read all seven volumes of The Saga of Seven Suns multiple times. This review was first published on

This is a good beginning for a continuation from The Saga of Seven Suns. The Human Federation, taking the place of the corrupt old Terran Hanseatic League, is strong and flourishing. So is the Ildiran Empire after being shaken out of their race’s collective developmental slumber after the events in the cosmic Elemental Wars. The Ildrian’s start to question what they hold to be true and start challenging themselves. Coming from a world under seven suns, their greatest fear is darkness. And guess what is coming to our local galaxy….

The plot seems thinner than that of the Saga of Seven Suns. Kevin J. Anderson tries to recreate the sense of urgency and imminent doom that drove the Saga of Seven Suns in The Saga of Shadows. Unfortunately, he already gave humanity and its allies greater experience and weapons at the conclusion of the Elemental Wars. The new threat is not as fearsome nor engaging as the Hydrogues and Faeros. The surprises and revelations are seen from a mile away. Leaving a space opera with no driving plot line.

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