Top 10 most read articles of 2018

Here is the 2018 list of the top 10 most read articles on Ctrl blog.

This list includes articles published in the last twelve months.

  1. Here’s how Google Chrome’s new ad blocker works
    People were curios about Google’s process to filter out all ads websites deemed to have “bad ad experiences.”
  2. EU GDPR and personal data in webserver logs
    The new European privacy regulation requires changes to what is logged, for what purpose, and how long.
  3. Why I migrated from LastPass to Bitwarden
    LastPass is no longer the unchallenged darling of password managers, and users are looking for alternatives.
  4. What is First-Party Isolation in Firefox and what breaks if you enabled it
    Firefox integrates a strong privacy feature developed in the Tor browser that isolates and limits online tracking at the expense of a few broken web experiences.
  5. Top 15 Roomba names
    People were looking for inspiration for what to name their robotic vacuum cleaner. This article was incredibly popular in the days leading up to and after Black Friday.
  6. GDPR in Practice: Flattr now deletes your browsing history within 3 months
    Flattr updated their processes to automatically purge collected user data to comply with the new privacy regulation.
  7. Google Chrome finally kind of includes a Reading Mode but only on Android
    People love their browser’s reading mode and Google finally began looking into providing this feature.
  8. How to take back control of /etc/resolv.conf on Linux
    Not all users like auto-configured DNS and want to make manual changes to their system configuration.
  9. Running Linux on the Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 (5th generation)
    ThinkPad laptops are popular among Linux enthusiasts and have good compatibility despite not receiving official Linux support from Lenovo.
  10. How large should you make the UEFI System Partition?
    Is the default partition scheme good enough? and why is the UEFI system partition so much larger than the data that’s stored on it?

The above list is just the top articles published right at the end of and . Many of the most read articles of 2017 are still read thousands of times every week – and are well worth a read!

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