Top 10 most read articles of 2017

Here is the list of the top 10 most read articles on Ctrl blog.

  1. TP-Link repeater firmware squanders 715 MB/month
    “Wasting 715,4 MB per month for a single string on a web administration interface that the customer is only likely to visit once a year is outright stupid.”
  2. How to enable remote RDP access in Windows 10 Home edition
    Turns out Windows Home edition users also wants to use the built-in RDP Server.
  3. How to enable, login to, or disable Microsoft SSH Server in Windows 10
    Tutorial to Microsoft’s own SSH server implementation built right into Windows 10. This isn’t about OpenSSH for PowerShell or Microsoft’s contributions to OpenSSH.
  4. TP-Link serves outdated or no firmware at all on 30% of its European websites
    I bought a new repeater, and found several issues with its firmware including how its [not] being distributed to consumers.
  5. Mine yourself some Bitcoin with the Bitcoin Miner app for Windows 10
    Get a tiny and uneconomical amount of Bitcoin in a few days; enough to play with Bitcoin software and services.
  6. Remote desktop making a comeback in GNOME on Wayland
    Users on Linux also want their remote screen session access back after GNOME on Wayland did without it for over a year.
  7. Open links force-opened in Microsoft Edge in your default browser
    My project to let you take control back from Windows and Cortana, and force both to respect your chosen default web browser setting in Windows.
  8. Firefox 57 with a new and more distracting New Tab experience
    Firefox 57 ‘Quantum’ got pushed Firefox back to the top of performance charts, but Mozilla also took the opportunity to make a grab for their users’ time and attention.
  9. How to add CalDAV and CardDAV accounts and sync with Windows 10
    Windows is technically capable of synchronizing calendars and contacts with every major service provider, but Microsoft managed to make it complicated.
  10. Understanding AdSense’s new “Ad balance” option
    Google got a new option to let publishers reduce the amount of bad-ads they serve with low impact on revenue. Then they took it away for six months.

The above list is just the top articles published right at the end of and . Most of the most read articles of 2016 are still read thousands of times every week – and are well worth a read!

Thank you all for the enormous interest in this blog! I never expected that it would become quite as popular as it has.

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Feature image based on the photo “Late Night WiFi” by © 2016 Isabell Winter.