Top 10 most read articles of 2016

Here is the list of top ten most read articles. The 2016 list was dominated by Linux on Windows and Windows on Linux.

  1. Running Linux desktop apps on the Windows Subsystem for Linux

    Microsoft said it couldn’t be done … .

  2. rm -rf / in Windows Subsystem for Linux reveals sharp set of teeth

    Will WSL prevent you from killing your Windows installation?

  3. A quick look into LxRun.exe: Windows 10’s new Linux downloader and installer

    apt-get comes to Windows 10 to install Ubuntu.

  4. Run Windows 10 in GNOME Boxes

    Windows 10 runs on Linux too.

  5. Replacing the problematic Broadcom Wi-Fi module with an Intel model

    Intel Wi-Fi modules offer great Linux compatibility where others fall short.

  6. Experiences with monetizing on Google Play Store

    Because nothing is more exciting than international tax law!

  7. Conversations: The best open-source XMPP client for Android

    The best Android client is also the best client on any other platform. Period.

  8. IPv6 support finally coming to Fail2Ban with next major release

    IPv6 support merged in Fail2Ban, offering log-to-firewall-rule security for IPv6.

  9. Synchronizing GNOME and all its apps with a CalDAV server

    Lots of interest for device-to-device synchronization with CalDAV and CardDAV.

  10. Comparing and contrasting Uncomplicated Firewall and FirewallD

    Head to head: Ubuntu versus Fedora.

Unsurprisingly, Windows Subsystem for Linux got quite a bit of attention this year. Who would have thought that Microsoft would bring back support for Linux programs and development?

The only entry on this year’s list that surprised me was number nine; where I discussed how to synchronize the Linux desktop with a CalDAV and CardDAV server. I’ve been quite interested in CalDAV/CardDAV for some years, and I’m glad to see that there’s at least some interest in these technologies still.

Looking for even more popular reads? Check out the list of most read articles of 2015. Some of my 2015 articles are still, technically, on the most read list today.

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Thank you all for reading!