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Enough of WordPress

WordPress no longer makes me happy so I’m changing it out for something that does.

Safari’s Beacon API problems

You must implement the Beacon API the way WebKit deems to be “the right way” to make it work on iOS, Safari, and WebKit browsers.

Add Webmention support to your website in ten minutes

Webmention is a platform-independent protocol for webpages and services to notify each other about link-relations. Here is how to quickly add sending and receiving Webmentions for any website using and

Standard Notes kept losing my notes

The Standard Notes webapp kept either deleting or overwriting the unlucky note at the top of my notes list. It’s time to switch note-taking apps again.

What is Samsung Secure Wi-Fi?

Secure Wi-Fi is a VPN service from Samsung and McAfee. Here is what it does and how to stop its adverts and remove it from your phone.