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A Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner cleaning the floor wearing a “Hello, my name is Rosie” name-badge.

Top 15 Roomba names

Get fun ideas and inspiration for what to name your Roomba from iRobot’s list of the most popular Roomba names.

Update after 3 months with Bitwarden

Bitwarden has fixed the security issues outlined in my Bitwarden review. I also discuss some missing features from LastPass and issues with the Android app.

A screenshot of the main window of the Pocket Cast app shown on the macOS desktop. The list of podcasts lists different technology podcasts.

Pocket Casts’ desktop apps are okay

I listen to podcasts at my desk, and Pocket Casts’ new desktop apps (based on their web apps) means I don’t need my smartphone to enjoy them comfortably.

The Nginx logo.

Avoid Nginx’s merge_slashes option

Don’t use Nginx’s merge_slashes option in your HTTP reverse caching proxy setup. Here’s an example of an unintended problem caused by blindly rewriting URLs.

An abstract illustration of interlinked nodes.

Why we need the distributed web

The web has become too centralized. The distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) web can help tear down the walled gardens erected by big tech companies.

A Lego minifigure set with one scared looking figure sitting at a desk in front of a computer surrounded by two minifigures holding machine guns and wearing tactical armor.

Goodbye FastMail

The Australian government’s new privacy-unfriendly anti-encryption interception and surveillance law succeeds in undermining trust in Australian tech companies.

Embrace systemd-resolved

systemd-resolved improves DNS performance with query-caching. Learn how to configure it to increase system privacy and security with DNS over TLS and DNSSEC.